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Project outline

The projects aim is the quantitative presentation of the benefit of storages in PV-systems in consideration of

  • storage technology, dimensioning and modes of operation,
  • effects on distribution and transmission networks,
  • business and economic effects, and
  • ecological and social issues.

The identification of modes of operation of storages with positive effects on the entire power supply system, the associated general conditions and their analysis concerning the acceptance among potential operators serves to provide recommendations for system-relevant embedding of storages in PV systems and to derive the necessary conditions and potential funding mechanisms. The focus is on battery storage systems in private households with an on-grid PV system.

Project partners

The project partners are the “Institut für Stromrichtertechnik und elektrische Antriebe“ (ISEA), the “Institut für Hochspannungstechnik“ (IFHT) and the “Institut für ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung“ (IÖW). They provide their expertise in storage technology, network simulation, environmental and sustainability research for the dimensioning of PV storage systems, technical assessment, and general ecological considerations. ISEA provides recommendations for the dimensioning based on the technical properties of various battery technologies and evaluates the costs taking into account among others the effects of aging. IFHT studies the effect of storages on distribution networks and identifies grid expansions that potentially could be saved by the use of storages. The technical impact (including power plants and grid traffic loads) of different modes of operation are analyzed for superimposed network levels. IÖW examines the acceptance and willingness to invest of potential system operators, and the environmental impacts of the identified storage dimensioning and modes of operation.